Removing bathroom mould and mildew

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Mould and mildew thrive in warm, damp places, which make your bathroom their dream habitat.  And once nasty mould spores settle, it can be a mammoth job to get rid of them. Left to their own devices, they’ll soon make themselves at home on walls, furniture, shower curtains and even towels. And as if ruining your bathroom’s good looks wasn’t enough, both mould and mildew give off that unmistakably horrible dank, throat cloying smell that’s at its worse during the chilly winter months.

Treat the cause
Preventing mould and mildew from taking a hold in the first place is obviously the best plan but it’s not always possible if you live in an older property with damp or leaky windows.  If you can though, always try and ventilate your bathroom as much as you can after a steamy bath or shower. An extractor fan is ideal but opening your window a crack can help circulate some air too.  Wipe down tiles and damp walls regularly and try not to leave damp towels languishing.

Cleaning fabrics
Leave material in a damp place and it won’t be too long before little black spots of mildew appear. If the weather’s good enough, one quick way to speed up the removal process is to hang affected towels, flannels or curtains outside. Sunlight is a natural mould inhibitor and once it’s performed its (natural) magic, you should be able to brush away most of the black smudges before a regular machine wash.  Unfortunately sunny days can be few and far between here in the UK, so another alternative is to soak machine-washable items in bleach for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then wash as usual. For non-machine wash fabrics, dab the affected areas with bleach instead, letting it soak in for a few minutes, then gently rinse with a washing detergent-soaked sponge. Repeat the process if you need to, then hang everything out to air dry.


Treating walls
If your bathroom walls are seriously stained this could indicate a more serious problem, so always call in an expert if you suspect that your mould and mildew issues might be on the extreme side. To remove the odd black spot or smudge, you can use bleach diluted with water, using a scouring pad to gently rub the magic formula in. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with a wet cloth. Most shower curtains can go into the washing machine on a warm wash with your usual detergent and a capful of bleach. When the cycle’s finished, just be sure to hang them out to dry thoroughly before you re-hang.


Freshening furniture
Wooden furniture that’s succumbed to damp can be freshened instantly with a soft brush that should gently lift any mould and mildew spores. Use a dash of washing up liquid diluted with water to clean away any stubborn remaining marks then let it dry. A quick hoover once dry will remove any remaining mouldy bits and a sprinkle of baking powder in corners and drawers will help banish any nasty musty smells.

How To Clean Mirrors

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Sticky fingers, dust and grime that collects daily – there are countless reasons as to why mirrors seem constantly in need of a good clean. But, if like many you find your efforts result in your mirrors looking more streaky than sparkly then fear not, as below we have put together our simple step-by-step guide to help you achieve streak free, glistening mirrors in minutes.

 Professionally cleaned mirrors? Here’s what you’ll need

  1. A flat-weave microfiber cloth – Don’t cut corners by trying to use any other cloth as it won’t leave you with the lint free finish you’re after. You will find a microfiber cloth in most supermarkets, or on Amazon here (

  1. Rubbing alcohol – This is our secret ingredient to streak free mirrors. Find out more weird and wonderful uses for rubbing alcohol here (

  1. Glass cleaner – Fill a spray bottle with a ¼ cup of Vinegar and 2 cups of Water.

  1. Cotton Pads

Let’s get started

  1. First, apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and use this to rub off any stubborn marks (toothpaste, makeup, etc). Start at the top left corner, working left to right until you reach the bottom of the mirror. Try to work quickly to avoid the rubbing alcohol from drying.

  1. Start by spraying the mirror with the glass cleaner – you are aiming for the mirror to be lightly misted rather than soaking. Fold your microfiber cloth into quarters, this will allow you to flip the cloth around as needed to ensure that you have a clean surface as and when required.

  1. Next, starting at the top left corner of the mirror drag the cloth across to the top right corner, working down the mirror from left to right in a zig zag motion. This will ensure that you cover every inch.

  1. Finally, check for any scuff marks by tilting the mirror to a 45 degree angle, this will help you identify any stains or streaks that you can’t notice when looking at the mirror straight on. If you did miss a spot, simply spray your cloth with glass cleaner, wipe quickly and buff dry.

And there you have it, 4 quick and easy steps to picture perfect mirrors. Sounds too much like hard work? Then why not contact us here ( for all your cleaning needs.

New Years clean up

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2016 is here and you want to look ahead to a clean and organised New Year. As you begin to make room for all your new gifts you may get the urge to spring clean and declutter. Below is a few quick spring cleaning tips:

Dust: Wiping surfaces with a damp cloth will make everything feel and look fresh and help you (literally) breath easier.

Floors: A good vacuum or mopping of the floors will ensure that all corners in the house are clean and clear with no surprise dust bunnies lurking behind the tv stands, chairs, beds and sofas. Plus, if you have been entertaining over the festive season, chances are you’ve had lots of feet treading in and out of your house; even more reason to re-clean

 Swiping ceilings with a feather duster or brush head of your vacuum will clear away any cobwebs that may have gone unnoticed.

Kitchen: Your kitchen may have been working double duty preparing for Christmas, so now’s the time to freshen it up by cleaning the oven, counters, cabinets, floors, stovetop, and sink. We recommend Cillit Bang cheap and powerful

Windows: While spring cleaning is often the time folks hit their windows, late fall is an extremely apt time to do so, as well. Shorter days and longer nights mean less sunshine making its way inside, so clean windows will let in as much sunlight as possible during this darker time of the year.

Below we have listed a few companies that will help you get rid of your junk:

Removing Limescale from your shower head (quick tip)

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Shower heads: Remove the shower head if possible. Fill a re-sealable plastic bag with white vinegar, and tie it around the shower head with a rubber band. Make sure that the affected area of the shower head is covered with the vinegar. Leave for several hours for the vinegar to take effect.


Stain removal (Red wine)

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As a cleaning company we get many calls for stain removal red wine being the most common cause, this tip works if you act as quick as possible once the spillage happens…….

Most households will have salt so this tip is ideal sprinkle a thick layer over the stained area. Make sure to completely cover the stain and let it sit for an hour. The salt will absorb the wine and can be easily brushed off afterwards.

  • Salt is the preferred stain removal method, but works best when applied within two minutes of spillage. If the wine has not yet completely soaked into the fabric, the salt crystals should easily absorb the red wine.
  • As most natural fabrics, such as cotton, denim and linen, absorb faster than synthetic materials, stains on natural fabrics should be tended to with more haste than synthetic.

Welcome to our brand new website

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Welcome to our brand new webs item, we hope that you like what you see.

Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need about our services, testimonials as well as a new quick and easy contact form. We’ve also introduced a blog so you can keep up to date with everything going on at Extra Hand.