Our experienced handymen are sent specifically to take care of the little or larger jobs you need doing around your house or office. We can be booked for an individual job or you can book a handyman for the day in order to take care of a list of jobs. All handymen are equipped with a full range of tools to do all the jobs around your home or office.

Extra Handyman will always ensure you are happy with our work, we don’t do this because we have to, we do it because we believe in what we do. We enjoy what we do and we’d like you to enjoy the experience. We will take the stress and hassle away from you.

Areas covered are Electrical, Plumbing, Fixing & Assembly and Decorating & Hanging. If your unsure if your problem comes under any off these titles don’t be afraid to contact us and ask. All our work is fully insured and carries a 6 month guarantee.