Corporate Hands can provide a tailor-made programme to suit your premises needs. Whether you are a small charity or a large corporate, we can devise a cleaning programme and schedule that will be exclusive to you. We can organise for the Extra Hands to fit around your working day, with hours being worked in both the evenings and the weekends.

In order for us to achieve and exceed your desired results, we will arrange a meeting so that specifics can be discussed. The Extra Hands will then be briefed, with the original specification, with each employee being provided with access to the brief when requested. Employers normally find that once the cleaning has commenced, slight modifications are required. Extra Hand are flexible and are happy to deal with these matters as they arise.

On the signing of the customer agreement, a meeting schedule will be suggested, providing you with clear opportunities to monitor and revise the plan. You can request these meetings outside of the allotted timetable